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How TV's Dexter Should Have Ended

Dexter Morgan, A Modern Villain

For those of you who were disappointed by the series finale of Dexter... I am with you.

While I do think the last season was the weakest one, with Hannah McKay slipping into a passive role as a trophy for Dexter while he slowly lost his edge, I think that the final scenes just need some tweaking to be truly great.

Here's what I would have done differently:

Dexter takes his boat into the heart of the storm and is presumed dead- leaving Hannah McKay and Harrison alone in Argentina... but safe. The camera shows Dexter dressed as a lumberjack and walking quickly through a worksite as the sun goes down. He arrives at a trailer and opens the door... and it's a kill room. 

Simply transforming the trailer from Dexter's living space into a kill room would have been a much more satisfying ending than the one that aired. Dexter spent so much time in the last season struggling between love, normalcy, and darkness that choosing to embrace his "dark passenger" in the end would have been totally shock-and-awesome. What do you think?


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