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4th of July Essentials

4th of July Essentials

A Modern Villain, 4th of July Collection

For the past few months Sarah & I have been binge watching House of Cards to the point that, well, we finished all four seasons. Now we're stuck in a weird Netflix limbo, with the music of that damned intro stuck in our heads, until 2017

While House of Cards didn't charge me to take on a career in politics it did inspire within me a new level or patriotism and appreciation for my home country. The aesthetics of the show were always just dark enough to be mysterious and sophisticated enough to be aspirational. I think its similar to the way Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" makes you wish you were an old man telling stories and a young man living them all at one time. While watching I found myself trying to develop classy habits or to garner American versions of the ones that I already had. For example: I stopped spending my tip money on scotch and, instead, purchased nice bottles of bourbon. 

 House of Cards made me wish there were real politicians that are ruthless and ambitious enough to behave like Frank Underwood. It isn't his murderous nature or his corrupt actions that I appreciate- it's the passion behind his actions and, above all, his desire to leave something worthwhile behind. 

As Independence Day approaches I have been reading up on the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution, and the Declaration of Independence. I started putting together a collection of items that I'm calling "4th of July Essentials"- a list of goods to help you celebrate in style. I did my best to include only American made products here but, in the end, I think its our freedom to choose what we buy/how we live our lives that makes America great.  Happy independence Day!

4th of July Essentials

  1. Theory 11 "Union" Playing Cards by Jay Fletcher
  2. Leather Head Sports "Handsome Dan" Leather Football
  3. John Mihovetz Vintage American Flag
  4. Design Unsanctioned Bottle Opener Key Fob
  5. Peg & Awl Duffel Bag in "Moss"
  6. Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon
  7. Penguin Random House Declaration of Independence & Constitution
  8. Lucky Liberty 1989 Coin Ring
  9. Diamond Sparklers Gold Sparkler #10 
  10. Manready Mercantile "Work Hard Live Well" Coaster Set
  11. Society Six USA 1927 Throw Pillow by Jon Contino (I wish it were a 1776 pillow.)
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