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Comic Books Every Magneto Fan Should Read

Comic Books Every Magneto Fan Should Read

Books Every Magneto Fan Should Read

Classic X-Men #12

In Classic X-Men #12  flashbacks show Magneto, still known as Max Eisenhardt, living with his wife Magda and their daughter Anya. Max is working as a laborer and is angered by his unfairly low wage. During an argument, Max uses his innate power to hurl a crowbar at his boss. Max is shocked at his newfound ability to create/control magnetic fields but the destruction doesn't stop there...

Planet X

 In New X-Men Vol. 6 #146- #150 "Planet X", a villain named Xorn uses his abilities to make a "special class" mutant named Dust attack Charles Xavier. As the attack begins, Xorn imprisons Dust in a jar (sort of the way Spider-Man vacuums up SandMan in Amazing Spider-Man #4to keep her from interfering; and Xorn removes his helmet to reveal that he is actually Magneto in disguise. 

At this point in the story, Xavier has been regaining full functionality/mobility of his body due to the "nanite sentinels" implanted in his body by Cassandra Nova. Magneto, after his identity reveal, explains that he is the one responsible for the sentinel implants and, in that way, he is responsible for Xavier's improvement. Magneto uses his powers to undo the work of the nanite sentinels and cripple Xavier once again- trapping him in a glass tank from which Charles Xavier cannot escape.

As the story progresses, Magneto reveals his true goals and his plans to force humans into "crematoriums" as they await extinction. 

X-Men #25 Fatal Attractions

The events of "Fatal Attraction" begin as Magneto and his Acolytes take control of Cable's space station, renaming it "Avalon", and use it as a base to recruit new mutants. The United Nations sets up satellites around the station which inhibit Magneto's power and prevent him from bringing any in any new mutants. Magneto retaliates by releasing an electromagnetic pulse that causes the world's electrical system to go crazy and kills thousands of humans. This is also the issue when, confronted by the X-Men, Magneto rips the adamantium from Wolverine's body.

X-Men: Ultimatum

In X-Men: Ultimatum Magneto's ultimate goal is to destroy the world due to the death of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver inUltimates #3. He gains possession of Thor's Hammer and uses it to amplify his powers and cause natural disasters in an attempt destroy the world. A tsunami hits Manhattan and a lightning storm threatens New York City- killing millions of innocent people and a number of "ultimates" like Valkyrie and Captain America.  There are other, more significant, character deaths in this story arc as well. 

Classic X-Men #112

In Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #112 Magneto is attacked by all of the X-Men, at one time, and defeats them with ease. 

Uncanny X-Men #200 

In Uncanny X-Men #200 Magneto is put on trial for his crimes against humanity. Afraid that he will be sentenced to death, Magneto uses the power of his helmet to remove the anti-mutant sentiment from the judge's brain. Tinkering with the judge's brain leads to Magneto being set free and raises ethical questions about whether the manipulation made Magneto's trial more or less fair.

Magneto has been around so long, and has been given so much individual attention, that he is more popular than many of his X-Men adversaries. On a very basic level Magneto's cause is noble, and it causes readers to question whether Magneto is a villain or an anti-hero. When a reader can't decide Magneto's alignment, and they question their own moral compass, that is Magneto's most villainous moment. 

Uncanny X-Men #150 "I, Magneto..."

Uncanny X-Men #150 "I, Magneto..." is a true show of power for the master of magnetism. In this issue Magneto makes a bid for world domination by announcing that, if the population does not name him their ruler, he will end all life on the planet. When the Soviet Union sends a submarine to launch nuclear missiles at Magneto's island, he destroys them and sinks the sub- killing the entire crew. 

In this issue Magneto also causes a volcano to erupt and destroy an entire town. He does this using a special device that he has made. The X-Men sneak into the holding area for the device and labor intensely to destroy it. When Magneto walks in, interrupting the X-Men, he uses his power to reassemble the device as though it took no effort at all. This scene puts Magneto's power in sharp new focus and makes the X-Men realize how futile their efforts to stop Magneto really are. 

Magneto makes the X-Men his prisoners and continues with his plan. 

Uncanny X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #1 is important because it is the first issue of the X-Men series and introduces a number of staple characters like Cyclops, Beast, Professor Xavier, and, of course, Magneto.

God Loves, Man Kills

In God Loves, Man Kills Magneto makes a shaky alliance with the X-Men against a reverend who is speaking out against mutants. This book is an important addition to this list because it shows Magneto staying on message, working in support of mutant rights, despite his distaste for the X-Men. 


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