Photo from  Marvel Fair Use

Photo from Marvel Fair Use

Kingpin, real name Wilson Grant Fisk, is a villain in the Marvel Universe that frequently battles both Spider-Man and Daredevil. He first appeared in 1967's The Amazing Spider-Man #50 and has recently been gaining popularity due to the Netflix original series "Daredevil".

Origin: Wilson Fisk started out as a common thug in New York City, the Bronx to be exact, where his criminal actions were noticed by the crime lord Don Rigoletto. Rigoletto showed Fisk favor, and admired his ruthlessness, giving Fisk access to his crime empire and vast knowledge of the world. Fisk repaid Rigoletto by murdering him and taking control of his empire.

Photo From Marvel Fair Use: Comic Covers

Photo From Marvel Fair Use: Comic Covers

First Appearances: In The Amazing Spider-Man #50 Peter Parker gives up the mantle of Spider-Man due to a smear campaign claiming that the wall crawler struck fear in the hearts of New Yorkers. Peter throws his costume away and, in the absence of Spider-Man, Kingpin rises to take control of the city. 

Crime rates rise under Kingpin's leadership and Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle newspaper, begins to run stories to incriminate him. Kingpin kidnaps Jameson to silence him and get revenge. 

Kingpin defeats Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man 50

Peter Parker shows up, having reclaimed the role of Spider-Man, and attacks Kingpin. Spider-Man is bested in the fight and left to die, with Jameson, in a chamber that is slowly filling with water. Spider-Man is able to escape when the tank is drained, having made a bubble of web to breathe in, but Kingpin manages to escape.

Photo From Marvel Fair Use: Comic Covers

Photo From Marvel Fair Use: Comic Covers

In Daredevil #170 Kinpin switches franchises and reveals his identity, Wilson Fisk, to the world. In the book, Kingpin is a retired mobster, living in Japan, that has a bounty on his head of 5 million dollars. He is given an opportunity, by the US Attorney General, to incriminate the current US crime bosses in exchange for a payment 7 million dollars. Kingpin's wife, Vanessa, contacts the law office of Nelson & Murdock (Daredevil's law firm) for advice.

Unaware that her husband has been using old files as black mail against the current crimelords, Vanessa flies to New York for a consultation with Nelson & Murdock. The law firm is attacked and Vanessa Fisk is kidnapped.

Kingpin Vs. Daredevil #170 and #171

The word gets out that Kingpin is on his way to New York to rescue Vanessa. The crime lords plan to meet him at the airport and, when the plane lands, they have armed men ready to attack. The plane explodes and kills all of the armed criminals while another plane, the one actually containing Kinpin, lands. Kingpin makes this promise as he sees the destruction: "I had foreworn all this . I had reformed... out of my love for Vanessa. But now that it sickens me. I must use my old skills again... I must Kill again... out of that same love. If Vanessa is harmed the city will suffer a gang war bloodier than it has ever seen."