Destiny Path of the Voidwalker Warlock Challenge from Ikora Vanguard in The Taken King

The new update for Bungie's Destiny was released this past week and, while you can't play The Taken King expansion yet, you can get a headstart on some new quest missions. For my favorite character, the Warlock Voidwalker, there is an interesting challenge from Vanguard Mentor Ikora Ray. It is pretty straightforward until you reach "Path of the Voidwalker Step 8".

In step 8 your challenge is to complete one strike where you use your Nova Bomb ability to kill enemies and create seven orbs of light... three times. This is especially difficult with the way Bungie has rebalanced orb creation- there needs to be a major or ultra in the group of enemies that you kill in order for you to get the maximum amount of orbs. Now, if you kill a group of 8-10 normal enemies you will still only generate around 4 orbs. 

With this in mind, you need to choose your equipment wisely if you are going to complete Step 8 of Ikora's Voidwalker challenge.  The first thing that you need to do is equip Bad Juju because one of its perks restores super energy with every kill. 


The first option is to equip your Warlock with Obsidian Mind and tailor your armor for intellect to help you regenerate your Nova Bomb quickly. 

Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Light Beyond Nemesis Ikora's Path of the Voidwalker Challenge

 The second option is to use Light Beyond Nemesis because it has a perk that grants extra orbs with every super you use. 

Option 1: The Will of Crota Lvl. 16 Strike on Earth. When you start the strike use your rockets to take out the Vandals and Dregs in the first area. You should have your Nova Bomb ready by now. 

After the first few waves of Hive come in, a group of Fallen spawn in the center/left side of the room. You should be on the left side of the map when they spawn because they spawn huddled together. Use your Nova Bomb to take them out. If you've done it right you should generate 7 orbs of light and be a third/half way back to your super. 

From there you are just taking out Hive Thralls to build your super bar and charge your Nova Bomb. When Eris Morn tells you it is okay to move into the next room, head to the doorway. As it opens a group of Fallen enemies will come down the stairs and, among them, there will be a Vandal major. Use your Nova Bomb on this group to generate another 7 orbs of light. 

In the next area you can attempt to get another 7 orbs of light from the Fallen enemies that attack you in waves. There are snipers with red and yellow health bars. Take out the red ones and leave the yellows for future waves of enemies but remember to try and stay alive. When you see enemies huddled together it is okay to use your Nova Bomb to try and get the achievement. Ensure that your fireteam is using their own supers when you create orbs because you will need them to generate orbs in this area. As Fallen ships drop off Captains, Vandals, and Dregs there will be ample opportunity to get the third achievement here. 

If you don't get your third set of 7 orbs in that area, don't fret. Go through the strike until you see Omnigul for the first time. She will call Hive Knights and Thralls. Make sure that you have your Nova Bomb ready. After the initial wave of Thrall, Omingul will spawn Cursed Thrall with yellow health bars and an Ogre. If you've saved enough normal Thrall then this room is the perfect place for the third part of your achievement. 

The last room is where you fight Omnigul. Take her health down slowly and wait for her to spawn Cursed Thralls with yellow health bars and remember to keep saving your Nova Bomb for big groups. If you take it slow you should get the achievement and kill Omnigul no problem.


Photo from Google via Trade In Detectives 

Photo from Google via Trade In Detectives 

Option 2. The Devil's Lair Strike on Earth. When you begin the strike you will need to immediately get on your sparrow and fly to The Steppes. The Steppes is the name of the area where you spawn in during Patrol missions on Earth. When you get there, immediately start killing Vandals and Dregs with Bad Juju to gain super. The other two members of your fireteam (random or friends) should be starting the strike without you... so there isn't a lot of time. Head down the stairs to where those three Hive majors spawn. Take their health down a little with Bad Juju and fire your Nova Bomb to create 7 orbs! Repeat the process of killing enemies in The Steppes and taking down those Hive Majors until you've got your three rounds and then join back up with your fireteam to take down Sepiks Prime!

Warlock's Bond  - the lvl 40 bond reward from Ikora upon completing the Path of the Voidwalker challenges

Warlock's Bond - the lvl 40 bond reward from Ikora upon completing the Path of the Voidwalker challenges

When you finish either of these strikes you should get the message to talk to Ikora and receive your lvl 40 Warlock's Bond that you can't equip until after 9/15/2015!

Hope this helps!