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Bane- Batman: Knightfall (and brief origin)

Bane- Batman: Knightfall (and brief origin)

Bane, origin and knightfall
Bane vs. Batman

Skip to about four minutes in for the main event:

Bane is a villain from the Batman universe that is often misunderstood... probably because he looks like a body-builder-turned-thug in a wrestling mask. We will be looking at Bane's origin story from Knightfall because the one in the Tim Burton movie was god-awful.

As a child Bane was sentenced to life in prison based on the crimes of his father. He spent years inside Pena Dura where he trained to fight amongst the prisoners, worked out to improve his body, and got as much education as he could from inmates and jesuit priests. His only friend within those walls was named Osito. Otis was a teddy bear that contained a secret- a knife that Bane used to commit his fist murder. Bane eventually crowned himself the king of Pena Dura, which angered those in charge. He was then given an experimental drug, called Venom, in hopes that it would kill him. The drug did not kill Bane but, instead, gave him super strength. Bane wears the mask on his face because every twelve hours it injects Venom directly into his brain. If he does not get his dose of Venom he experiences debilitating pain. 

After escaping from Pena Dura, Bane heads to Gotham to destroy the "Batman" that he's heard so many prison stories about. As a child Bane was haunted by a demonic bat in his dreams. As an adult, Bane believes that Batman is the incarnate of the bat that haunted him... and that he is meant to destroy it.

Bane understands that he shouldn't take on Batman alone because Batman is full of variables and victory is not guaranteed. Instead, Bane frees all of the Arkham Asylum inmates and Batman is forced to recapture them all. The whole escapade takes around three months and when Batman finally returns to Wayne Manor... Bane is there waiting.

MOST AWESOME MOMENT: As their fight moves from the house down into the Bat Cave, Batman doesn't have a chance. Bane is fighting, taunting, and winning. In his most epic moment, Bane literally breaks Batman's back and forces him to give up fighting crime.

I have a love hate relationship with the Dark Knight movie series. I like that they've spun the stories in a dark, more realistic, way but I'm still partial to some of the old comic book looks/details/character traits. They fight scene in the clip is set in the wrong place... but it is still a really awesome reenactment of Bane's most villainous moment.  




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