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9 Revealing Quotes from Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom, Doctor Doom, Vicor Von Doom, A Modern VIllain

Dr. Doom is a villain from the Marvel universe that appears in Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spiderman, and many crossover comics. He is known for his intelligence, ruthlessness, and his vernacular. What follows is my list of the ten greatest Dr. Doom quotes. These quotes have been chosen because they showcase either Doom's malicious genius or his outrageous ego. 

Dr. Doom most evil quotes
Dr. Doom doomworld quote
1. "My methods are a means to an end, no different than pruning weeds in order to let an orchid flourish. Those who stand in the way of my vision oppose me because they fear me, but more than that they fear what I represent. Change. Do you know what I despise Richards? And T'Challa? Because never one have they reined in their own self-righteous arrogance long enough to try and see what I see. Never once have they asked me: why? Do you want to know?Love. Measure my crimes against what mankind does to itself, and I am a saint. ... I have looked into the future, I have seen how one violent action after another spins the world toward a future where all that remains of Earth is a burned out cinder. Every time I have looked into the future, that is what I have seen. Every time but one. In one possible future mankind becomes united. Cures for all diseases are found. Global conflict ends. Hunger is abolished. Education is universal. And no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment. ... Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish...and survive. Only one. Doomworld."
Dr. Doom I was a god valeria i found it beneath me
2. "I was a god, Valeria. I found it... beneath me. "
Doom needs no one
3. "Doom needs no one."
4. "Choose your words arefully demon. Victor Von Doom bows before no other. I acknowledge you, yes... as allies not masters."
5. “My life is changing .When I was young I made a fateful choice. I chose science over sorcery. And I wanted chose again. Thus, I made a pact. I conjured a cabal of netherdemons who claimed they would make me the magician I could have been... and greater besides. But as is too often true demons, there there was barter involved. One condition. I had to sacrifice something of indescribable value. Something irreplaceable. Something only you could give me. Farewell my love. Dear, dear Valeria. I will miss you more than any will ever imagine... but I will always hold you close to me."

- As he is sacrificing Valeria to the demon trio for more power.

Doom it displeases me
6. "It displeased me"
7. " .. I am more than amused by the prospect of a battle of wits ... though I fear that with you as an opponent... the struggle might well be brief."
Any other man would not be victor von doom
8. "Any other man would not be Victor Von Doom."
9. "Have you learned nothing? none may touch Doom but that he wishes it."

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