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Harry Potter Spells for Death Eaters

The Dark Mark, A Modern Villain

This list of spells from the Harry Potter universe is sure to come in handy for wizards at any level- whether you're a studious Slytherin or a full on Death Eater.

ACCIO summons objects over varying distances

ALOHOMORA locks/unlocks doors

APARECIUM makes invisible ink appear, useful for passing hidden messages

AVADA KEDAVRA the killing curse

AVIS OPPUNGO summons a flock of birds to attack your enemy

CAVE INIMICUM reinforces/strengthens your enclosure from enemies

COLLOPORTUS magically locks a door to prevent muggle use

CONFRIGO anything the spell comes in contact with bursts into flames

CONFUNDO confuses the target and encourages forgetfulness

CRUCIO (CRUCIATUS CURSE) inflicts terrible pain on the recipient

DELETRIUS cancel the effect of the previous spell

DIFFINDO severing charm, cuts/rips

EPISKEY used to heal minor wounds

EVANESCO makes target vanish from sight

EXPECTO PATRONUM summon a patronus to defend against Dementors. As a Death Eater you shouldn't have any use for this spell but it is good to know.

EXPELLIARMUS disarms your enemy

EXPULSO causes target object to explode

FERULA creates a bandage or splint for wound care

FINITE INCANTATEM negate the effect of any active spells

FURNUNCULUS causes target's body to become covered in boils

GLISSEO flattens stairs into, essentially, a slide. Useful for escape

IMPEDIMENTA makes it difficult for enemy to get to you

IMPERIO the victim must obey the caster's commands

INCARCEROUS summons ropes that constrict your enemy

INCENDIO produces fire

LANGLOCK prevents target from using their tongue/speaking

LEGILIMENS read the mind of your victim

LEVICORPUS victim is held upside down by their ankles, unable to escape

LOCOMOTOR target object moves around at the will of the caster

LOCOMOTOR MORTIS target's legs get stuck together to the point that the target cannot move

LUMOS Light!

MOBILICORPUS lifts a body from the ground and moves it according to the will of the caster

MORSMORDRE summons the Dark Mark

MUFFLIATO prevents nearby people from hearing your conversation

NOX cancels Lumos, steals the light

OBLIVIATE used to remove the memory of a particular event

OBSCURO blindfolds your target

OPPUNGO wills any conjured objects to attack your enemies

PETRIFICUS TOTALUS binds your targets body;  without impairing bodily function it prevents movement

PIERTOTUM LOCOMOTOR animate suits of armor to do your bidding

POINT ME use your wand to find north, to help you get your bearings

PORTUS turns objects into portkeys for easy escape

PROTEGO the shield charm

PROTEGO TOTALUM  protects your dwelling

REDUCTO caster explodes target objects

RELASHIO shoots a beam of fire, or hot water, to force target to release their grip on whatever they're holding

RENNERVATE bring target back from unconsciousness

REPARO repair broken things

REPELLO MUGGLETUM  keeps smuggles out of wizard areas

SALVIO HEXIA provides protection from hexes

 SECTUMSEMPRA violently wounds target

SURPENSORTIA summons a serpent from the caster's wand

SPECIALIS REVELIO target object reveals its magical properties

STUPEFY knocks victim unconscious

WADDIWASI launches small objects through the air, good for creating diversions or distracting enemies

WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA levitates target object




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