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Darkseid - Superman Vol. 2 #3  ("Legends" Story Arc)

Darkseid - Superman Vol. 2 #3 ("Legends" Story Arc)

Darkseid, A Modern Villain
Darkseid Superman Vol. 2 #3 Crossover Series

In Superman #3 (Vol. 2), part of the "Legends" crossover story arc, Clark Kent is unable to take up his mantle as Superman because of a presidential order suspending superhuman activity. His inability to use his powers proves inconvenient because he spends most of the issue running away from tracking lasers that, when they catch up, transport him to Darkseid's world of Apokolips. 

In the ruins of Armagetto, Superman finds a rebellious group of diseased citizens that call themselves the Hunger Dogs. He fights his way passed them to witness some of Darkseid's men as they attempt to execute a woman named Amazing Grace. Superman saves her but, as he does, Darkseid's shock troopers summon a monster called Pacifier. Both the Pacifier and the Man of Steel fall into the fiery pits of Apokolips during the battle. 

In  Adventures of Superman #426, one of the Hunger Dogs rescues Superman from the fire pits and brings him to Amazing Grace for healing. Superman is revived but has lost a significant portion of health and memory. Amazing Grace claims him as the savior of the Hunger Dogs and convinces Superman to lead a rebellion against Darkseid. Darkseid sends forces but the Hunger Dogs overtake them, united as one strong force. The Hunger Dogs garner feelings of hope and courage as they crowd the streets. 

Darkseid sends another, more massive, force which kills thousands of Hunger Dogs and wipes out any resistance. Darkseid (working with Amazing Grace) convinced Superman to become a "savior" because he wanted to give the people hope.. just so he could destroy it. Amazing Grace user her powers to hypnotize Superman and sway him to her side. Darkseid greets the "savior of the Hunger Dogs" as his son. The story is continued in Action Comics #586 where Darkseid sends the, now brainwashed, Superman to attack heroes Orion and Lightray.  

The entire escapade illustrates the evil nature of Darkseid and his superiority over other powers in the Universe. Darkseid brainwashed Superman and turned him into a loyal servant while simultaneously crushing the rebellious thoughts/hopes his people. 

Darkseid - Green Lantern 80 Page Giant #3

Darkseid - Green Lantern 80 Page Giant #3

Lex Luthor - Superman Vol. 2 #9 (The Waitress Scene)

Lex Luthor - Superman Vol. 2 #9 (The Waitress Scene)