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Black Adam- Shazam Vol. 1  (The New 52)

Black Adam- Shazam Vol. 1 (The New 52)

Black Adam origin Shazam Vol. 1 The New 52

Shazam Vol. 1 (The New 52) follows a troubled young Billy Batson as he attempts to break free of the foster care system. Billy's brash attitude drives him to provoke his new foster parent's elitist neighbors by damaging their car. When the neighbors pursue him, Batson escapes in a subway car with a mysterious destination.

From his place at The Rock of Eternity, the Wizard Shazam casts a spell to draw "pure good" champions to be tested. Disappointed with the quality of recent candidates, Shazam bestows his power upon the newly arrived Billy Batson. It's important to note that Billy only receives the power in an act of desperation- the Wizard needs a champion to fight the newly released villain Black Adam.

Captain Marvel knows the truth about Black Adam

By saying the word "Shazam!" Billy Batson is able to transform himself into a muscular, costumed, adult called Shazam (Captain Marvel). He has the power of electricity, super strength, flight, and numerous others. His power exists as the polar opposite of Black Adam's power. 

This book is significant because it follows the awakening of Black Adam and his mission to unite the Seven Deadly Sins to put an end to the world. It gives insight into the conflict between Captain Marvel and Black Adam, provides an origin story for both characters, and paints Black Adam as an antihero that is out of touch with the modern world. To illustrate that last point here are some stills on Black Adam doing a good deed, freeing slaves from their Pharoh:

Black Adam is not out for hero blood but, instead, he wishes to reclaim the totality of his power and use it as a means of reshaping ("freeing") the world. In a dark turn, though, it is revealed that Black Adam gained his power by sacrificing his own nephew. 

Other villains that became more powerful through sacrificing others are: Loki, Doctor Doom, and Darkseid.

Taskmaster- Unthinkable

Taskmaster- Unthinkable

Professor Zoom- The Flash: "The Death of Iris Allen"

Professor Zoom- The Flash: "The Death of Iris Allen"