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My name is Ricky and I think Voldemort should have won. Welcome to my blog. 

Taskmaster- Unthinkable

Taskmaster- Unthinkable

Taskmaster Unthinkable AModernVillain

The Unthinkable story arc follows the villain Taskmaster as he is put in a precarious situation. If you are unfamiliar with Taskmaster, his main power is to copy physical movements. If Taskmaster witnesses a feat of physical brilliance, fighting finesse, or (I'm guessing here) parkour- he can instantaneously mimic it perfectly. The only problem is that his combat knowledge takes up so much space in his brain that he's had to create a "memory palace" to store memories of non-fighting related things.

Taskmaster Unthinkable

Taskmaster's main role in the comic book universe is to run a school for training henchmen. All the Joker's goon's have to go to school somewhere, right? However, the Unthinkable series paints Taskmaster in a new light and puts his past in sharp focus.  When he finds himself being investigated by the state for "turning evidence", Taskmaster finds himself with a bounty on his head.

Unthinkable finds Taskmaster struggling against hordes of bounty-driven enemies as he tracks down the leaders of local gangs. If he can track down the gang leaders he can prove his innocence... but it won't be easy. 

The Joker- Batman #38 "Endgame" pt. 4

The Joker- Batman #38 "Endgame" pt. 4

Black Adam- Shazam Vol. 1  (The New 52)

Black Adam- Shazam Vol. 1 (The New 52)