Where should I put a loop pedal, or looper, in my signal chain?

When you're setting up your pedalboard you should be mindful of what each effect does. If your signal chain has a distortion pedal before a delay pedal then you are going to delay a distorted signal. However, if you put the delay pedal in front of the distortion pedal then you are going to distort a delayed signal. Does this make sense?

It helps to think of your signal as traveling in a straight line. It starts off clean and each added effect piles on top of one another.

When you are thinking about where to put a loop pedal, or "looper", in your signal chain you should think about what part of your signal you want to be looped. The safest bet is to place the loop pedal at the end of your signal chain. With the looper at the end of your chain you will avoid adding unnecessary noise to recorded loops.